Breakaway Advisor FAQs

Will my clients come with me?

The more your clients trust and feel comfortable with you, the more likely they'll be to follow you, especially if you can make it a smooth and easy transition. It won’t happen automatically, however, and if your firm made you sign a non-compete, you must be careful. You'll benefit from our experience, however, for we can help you recognize common missteps to avoid.

What will my long-term payout be?

It's hard to say without learning more about you and your needs, and here's why. Each advisor leans on Gladstone for differing levels of support, plus you can increase your long-term payout should you decide to sell your business. That means your payout is as unique as you. Let’s have a fully transparent and confidential conversation so we can work it out on paper together.

What are the legal risks of going independent?

When you become an independent advisor, you assume all responsibility for staying on the right side of the industry’s often-shifting rules and regulations. You also need to be careful exiting your current firm and cautious when bringing clients with you. 

How will I transition my clients?

Gladstone’s onboarding and integration team makes it easy for you and your clients to transition. We’ll even prepare the paperwork to help ensure a successful, timely and accurate transfer of your book of business, leaving you free to focus on your relationships with your clients and wow them with your new tools and resources.

What do I do about technology?

Our flexible platform puts the right tech solution at your fingertips, and our team of technology pros means you can choose the level of tech support you want and need. And with our personalized training, your clients will never suspect your previous comfort level with technology may have maxed out at calculator.

How easy is it to go independent?

That depends on you. When Gladstone is on your team, we can do the heavy lifting for you to help smooth your road to independence. Try going independent all by yourself, however, and you'll likely experience a difficult process that can be unpredictable, exhausting, expensive and risky.

How fast can my transition be?

While we can move pretty quickly to help you break away, we'd rather have a bit of time to design and then execute your personalized transition plan. Ideally, give us at least three months to help you transition smoothly

What if I don’t want to be branded as “Gladstone”?

All comers are welcome, whether you haven’t the first clue about developing and marketing a brand, you’re bringing your own brand with you or you prefer to be part of the Gladstone brand family. As with our other services, we’ll tailor our branding and marketing solutions to your wants and needs.

Are you cut out for going independent?

Find out in under two minutes.