Servant Advisorship

A New Approach for Advisors Who Want to Grow, Serve & Live with Excellence

by Kristopher Bonocore

Part compelling autobiography and part groundbreaking guide, this financial advisor book outlines the seven core tenets of the author’s simple yet revolutionary philosophy of being a Servant Advisor. If you want to rise above a field crowded with sub-par financial advisors who put themselves before their clients – if you want to become a world-class advisor by serving your clients, always – then make these seven tenets of Servant Advisorship your own.

What’s in this book?


The ground-breaking Servant Advisorship framework that you can leverage to become a stand-out financial advisor in your community.


A compelling case for change and a clear and concise pathway to excellence in every aspect of your life.

Perspectives, observations, best practices, snippets of thought and philosophies to help you keep your clients, be your own boss and face your fears.

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