Kristopher Bonocore

Managing Partner, President

Kristopher Bonocore is a driven visionary, focused primarily on enhancing the dynamics of the Advisor/Client relationship. With his nearly 20 years in financial services at publicly-traded and private companies, he brings experience in the areas of advisory, leadership, training, sales, marketing, strategy, and client service. His insight into all these areas is what fueled his strong passion for the company’s vision and gives him the commitment as well as the ability to bring this vision to life. Throughout his career, he has set the bar for his peers as well as those on his team with an intense focus on serving the needs of Clients and Advisors alike. Now, he is taking his years of proven experience and is forming a new option for Advisors who want to become game-changers in the lives of their clients. According to Kris, “This is the way to cultivate a win/win relationship with clients. Advisors’ needs must be met first and their clients will be the direct beneficiaries.”

Kristopher maintains personal passion for developing high-performing teams and an unprecedented will to strive for excellence in any environment.

Kris enjoys life with his wife and two teenage children in Jupiter, FL. He loves fitness, baseball, fishing, good wine, family, and loyal friends. His first book, Servant Advisorship, was published in 2020.