• You’ve done your homework.
  • You’ve researched and saved.
  • You have a name for your new firm and you know your niche.
  • You’re really doing this. You’ve decided to become an independent advisor. 

We’re going to give you some more advice as you’re getting into your groove — because literally, it’s what we do.

1. Your website needs a couple of client-friendly features.

A simple scheduling tool to give clients easy access for appointment setup, and a fees and services page detailing what you deliver and for how much. More and more, investors expect transparency, and Gladstone can help you deliver it.

2. Have a peer review your first few financial plans.

They can give you insights into what you might have missed or ask questions you hadn’t thought of. If you’re trying something new (why not? It’s your show now), a peer is helpful to bounce ideas off of. Plus, a “Nice job!” from a trusted colleague can be a great confidence booster.

3. Know how you’ll measure success.

Do you want to track assets under management (AUM), the number of discover meetings, proposal delivery meetings and average revenue per client? Don’t forget your conversion rate, average portfolio growth rate or money saved per client. Put numbers around what you’re doing so you can track your progress or more importantly, see where you need to focus.

4. Once you get going, make sure you work on your business, not just in your business.

Set aside time each week, month, quarter and year to invest in yourself through industry conferences (also terrific networking opportunities), a life coach or a business coach (ahem, we’re good at that). Review your business plan and goals to make sure you’re on track. Go over your finances to see whether some of your expenses make sense to continue.

5. And for Pete’s sake, don’t forget to celebrate! You’re making it happen.

So cheer that 10th client, the 100th proposal delivery meeting or the first million dollars in AUM. As an independent advisor, not only are you making your dreams come true, you’re helping others make their dreams come true, too.